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Save Per Pound with ClarkCo. Meats

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Buy Local

Support Local, Eat Healthier, and Contribute to Sustainability

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Quality Beyond Supermarkets

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Know Your Source

Traceability and Peace of Mind

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What is Custom Butchering?

Unlike mass-produced standard cuts found in supermarkets, custom butchering allows you to choose the type, size, and style of cuts you desire.  You’re getting your meat closer to the source – without the middlemen – which means you’re getting a freezer full of meat at a much better price.

What is the Advantage to Custom Butchering?

While you could settle for expensive meat from the grocery store, you really have no idea where it comes from or when it was processed.  But with local, custom butchering, you get…

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Your meat, your way

Get meat cuts tailored exactly to your liking.

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Save Money,
get what you want

It’s often more cost-effective per-pound than the meat you find at the grocery store.

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Local and Healthy Choices

Supports local farmers, providing fresher and healthier meat options.

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We follow sustainable practices for better meat processing.

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Higher quality control

Enjoy meat of superior quality compared to mass-produced supermarket options.

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Know where your
meat comes from

Trace the source of your meat for transparency.

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Peace of mind

There’s nothing like a freezer full of meat to give you peace of mind knowing that you’re looking out for the needs of your family.

Need a beef, hog,
sheep, or goat?

If you don’t have your own animal, no worries! At ClarkCo. Meats, we’ve got you covered. We can source high-quality animals from our community of local farmers. This way, you still get to enjoy the benefits of custom butchering without the need to personally raise the animal. Our commitment to local sourcing ensures that the meat we provide is fresh, sustainably raised, and supports our community’s farmers. 

Order Process at ClarkCo. Meats:

Select Your Animal

Bring your own animal or purchase a locally sourced animal from us.

Schedule Processing

Call for the nearest available date to drop-off your animal

Place Your Cuts Order

Submit your cuts order online through our user-friendly platform.

Not sure what to get? Call us to discuss and place your order over the phone.

Processing and Pickup

We expertly process, package, and freeze your meat according to your specifications.


Enjoy your tasty, custom-butchered meat!

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