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Who We Are

ClarkCo. Meats, born out of a farm boy’s passion for butchering, is more than just a butcher shop – it’s a commitment to precision and personalized service. From the early days on the farm to working in a local butcher shop, the journey has been one of continuous learning and dedication to the art of butchering.

Established in 2022, ClarkCo. Meats has become a hub for those seeking custom butchering with a focus on both quality and service. Whether you’re a farmer ready to schedule orders, a hunter looking to enjoy your harvest, or an individual wanting a freezer stocked with top-notch meats, we’re here for you.

Our Mission

“Precision, Passion, and Personalization.”

ClarkCo. Meats is on a mission to bring precision, passion, and personalization to every cut. Our dedication to providing quality custom butchering is unwavering, as we aim to exceed your expectations with every order.

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Our Values

“Local Sourcing, Sustainability, and Customer Satisfaction.”

Customer Service Commitment

Your Meat, Your Way - Seamless Process from Sale to Pickup